West Coast Chocolate Festival

Event Date: Friday, October 15, 2010

The saying "chocolate is good for you" is not entirely least in our minds its not..that is why we were particularly drawn to this chocolaty festival. There is an increasing appreciation for the healthy benefits of good chocolate and thus these festival events, all 160 of them to be exact will celebrate the true magic of chocolate and appeal to the senses and the soul.

This is a festival for all ages and cultures and aims to educate people about proper chocolate consumption and the lesser known positive benefits of this heavenly delectable treat.

The non-for-profit festival is completely volunteer run and dedicated to empowering youth by creating various mentored work experiences for youth in all of the different events.

There ware events from all ages, including chocolate receptions, galas, and afternoons of chocolate education, entertainment, food, beverages, and family fun.

I know our mouths are watering....what about yours?

For a complete listing of events, please visit

When: October,15- November 10, 2010
Where: Fraser Valley, BC Lower Mainland and beyond!


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