Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week[End] (2012)

Event Date: Friday, November 23, 2012

Decadence, Defiance and Delight promised by edgy designers at Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week[End]

The fashion scene is set to explode as Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week[End] – VALT showcases three consecutive nights of apocalypse themed fashion collections, artwork, performances and musical acts at the Ironworks in Gastown launching November 23, 2012. 

VALT features themes of Decadence on Friday, November 23, over-the-top hedonism that has only a brief shelf life before its end; Defiance is the next logical step on Saturday, November 24, the destruction that leads to renewal, and social change; and Delight is the rebirth that follows on Sunday, November 25, the sprout that grows in the spoiled land, the hope for the new.

“One of the most exciting features of VALT is the exclusivity of the designs,” according to Creative Director, Kat Ferneyhough. “Many of our designers are featuring one of a kind garments not intended for mass production or replication, pieces that are essentially wearable art.”

VALT's mission is to provide an enriching alternative to the commercial fashion and gallery experience, to celebrate and promote the creativity of emerging artists, musicians and designers, and to nurture and promote the arts and fashion culture of Vancouver.

Tickets range from $20 for one evening pass to $50 for a weekend pass. 

More information about the event, artists and performances can be found at

Location: Ironworks. Gastown
Date: November 23 - 25, 2012


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